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Survey on LaTeX text proof reading

Authors: Moisés de Oliveira, Leonardo Leite

After verifying the absence of a common practice for proof reading (text review) on LaTeX texts, which was discussed in this post, we will start a survey about proof reading methods used by LaTeX users. Text review is a process used by students and their advisers to improve a scientific paper or the student thesis. Our concern is that there is no default method for this process in the LaTeX community. Would this be an edication that the existing methods are not good enough?

Our goal is to know how LaTeX users do proof reading. We will analyse our results and try to figure out if there is some ``best method'' or ``best tool''. If we find aspects to be improved in existing tools, we may build a new LaTeX reviewing system. 

Name and email will be used to contact if we need further explanation about the presented methods.
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