OKF Open Economics project coordinator

The Open Economics Working Group is looking for a project coordinator to lead the Open Economics project in the next phase.

Portuguese, Brazil

Vaga na OKFN para coordenador de projetos e de workshops

School of Data is hiring a Workshop and Project Coordinator!
See here for details about the role and how to apply.


Portuguese, Brazil

Vaga para desenvolvedor Python na OKF

If you’re a Python web-developer who’d like to help build exciting open data projects then we’d love to hear from you. We are looking for one person full-time, and two six-month appointments to work on an existing project.

Role Description

Portuguese, Brazil

Vaga para lead dev no OpenSpending

Hacker? Passionate about finding stories in the money? Care about which companies get contracts with government? OpenSpending is seeking a lead developer to guide it through its next phase of development and it might be just the job for you!


Portuguese, Brazil
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